Ryukoku Workshop 2008

Recent Progress on

Pattern Formation and Dynamics

in Mathematical Sciences
June 12-14, 2008


Organized Committee:

Yoshihisa Morita (Ryukoku University)

Hirokazu Ninomiya (Ryukoku University)

Sponsored by

Joint Research Center for Science and Technology,

and the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), No.19340026

Meeting Place:

On June 12th (Thurs.) and 13th (Fri.)

Meeting room 619, 6th floor, Building No.1,

Seta Campus, Ryukoku University

Access map & campus map:



On June 14th(Sat.)

Hall Hiei, Seta Urban Hotel


Invited speakers:

Patricia Bauman    (Purdue University)
Xinfu Chen         (University of Pittsburgh)
Bernard Helffer     (Universite Paris Sud)

Hideo Ikeda         (University of Toyama)

Kota Ikeda          (Tohoku University)

Michinori Ishiwata  (Muroran Institute of Technology)

Kazuhiro Kurata     (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Tai-Chia Lin        (National Taiwan University)

Tetsu Mizumachi    (Kyushu University)

Seiro Omata        (Kanazawa University)
Daniel Phillips      (Purdue University)
Yoshihiro Tonegawa  (Hokkaido University)



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All the invited speakers are accommodated in Seta Urban Hotel

in front of JR Seta station, which is the nearest station to Seta

campus of Ryukoku University.



Access to JR Seta station, Seta Urban Hotel and Ryukoku University

Kansai airport to JR Kyoto station:

Check the location of JR Kansai airport station in the site


You can take a limited express train "Haruka" for Kyoto.

You need to buy a special ticket for Haruka in addition to

a usual ticket. It costs totally about 3,500 yen. It takes

about 75 mins from the airport station to Kyoto.

How to buy tickets: You have two ways:

(1) Go to a vending machine to buy tickets for Kyoto. The fare

is 1,830yen (for a train ticket) + 1,150yen (for a non-reserved

seat of Haruka). If you prefer a reserved seat, you pay extra

money 510yen. At Kyoto station you have to change the train

in order to go to Seta station. Then you pay 270yen for

Kyoto-Seta when you get off Seta station.

(2) Go to the desk of a JR ticket office and ask for the tickets.

In this case you can buy a train ticket to Seta station

(2,100yen) with the ticket for Haruka

Haruka is available every 30 minutes during 8:46 a.m

-- 9:16 p.m.  The last one departs at 10:16 p.m.


From Kyoto station to Seta station:

Go to No.2 platform in Kyoto JR station and take a local train of

Biwako line for Maibara, Yasu, or Ogaki. All the local trains of

Biwako line are available at No.2 platform except for the

departure times,18:52,19:07 and19:22 of weekdays (those trains

are available at No.3 platform).  

If you get off Haruka, you don't have to get out of Kyoto


Be careful that you never get on any (special) rapid train of

Biwako line, also never get on a train of Kosei line.

   The following is a list of stations between Kyoto and Seta


        Kyoto --Yamashina -- Otsu -- Zeze -- Ishiyama ---Seta

   It takes about 20 minutes from Kyoto to Seta. Any local train

will stop at each station. If you got a wrong train, you would be

able to see it.


From Seta station to the hotel: 

After getting off the train, go up a staircase and you see a gate.

Go through the gate and turn left, then you will get to a bus

terminal in front of the station. You see Seta Urban Hotel just

forward. There is a registration desk at the third floor, and

the entrance of the hotel is in the right side of the building.


From the hotel to Ryukoku University:

The bus stop for Ryukoku is located at the end of the

corner in the terminal. It is farthest from the station and

nearest from Seta Urban hotel.

Get on a bus of the lines No.11, No.211 and No.111 for the

destination Ryukoku University or Kosetsu-Ichiba. It takes

about 10 mins to Ryukoku Campus by bus.

You easily see where you should get off, because only one stop

 is available in the campus. When you get off, you have to pay

210 yen at the cash box near the front door of the bus.

Find the No.1 building, which is the biggest one located in the

center of the campus. The conference room is in the 6th floor in

the same building. A campus map is available at the site



Update:May 27th, 2008